About Us

Holistic Solutions is an holistic wellness center whose goal is to provide the community with safe, effective, and natural answers to health and wellness. We use a simple proven system designed to improve your health quickly and effectively. It is a center focused on prevention and supporting proactive intentional choices. Health is among our most valuable possession where we offer a combination of traditional nutrition , integrative care and strategies to improve your health and life. We encourage our patients to achieve the highest level of health they can, holistic balance and most importantly enjoyment of life. Our approach is simple. We are here to help sick people get healthy and to help healthy people stay healthy.
Dr. Piccoli D.C, DACS
Donald Piccoli, Doctor of Chiropractic and applied Clinical Nutritionist brings the most advanced training in natural healing. With continuing education, Dr. Piccoli provides the missing ingredient – an effective chiropractic and/or nutritional testing method that is capable of discovering the actual core-level health issues our clients are experiencing and provide effective, non-invasive and affordable solutions.  Dr. Piccoli concentrates on the origin of health issues and works to find the underlying causes of the symptoms.  He then formulates an individualized plan for each patient.  From infants to senior citizens, Dr. Piccoli leads each patient to a happier and healthier lifestyle through personalized treatments and the finest quality products available.

"Feeling the end result of

being symptom free is the 

best reward...it lets me be the 

best grandma, mom, wife, 

sister, friend and person I 

can be.  I'M SO HAPPY TO 


~Donna M., Berlin
"I sought treatment for 

symptoms of fatigue, joint 

pain, heart palpitations, 

mental exhaustion, body 

temperature fluctuations, 

and digestive issues ...
Fatigue, Joint pain, Mental exhaustion
Client Success....
​I have worked for Dr. Piccoli for many years when he was just practicing chiropractic. I am glad he found the Nutrition Response Testing program because our lives have never been the same! I do the insurance billing but I enjoy being a Nutrition Response Testing assistant more because I like working with the patients and learning new things.

Donna Mowel
Office Assistant/
Clinical Assistant
Shelley Kurpaska
Clinical Assistant &
Insurance and Billing
Agatha Radziwillowicz
Marketing/Office Assistant
"If you are sick, in pain or suffering, we are here to help you! Our goal is to always listen and explain things you don't understand. We are here to make you feel like yourself again.  Don't wait any longer, please call us, we are here for you!"
I have enjoyed helping patients for 12 years in many capacities as an office assistant for Dr. Piccoli at Holistic Solutions. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle through nutrition response testing and chiropractic, I enjoy relaxing, walking, reading, the challenge of a good crossword puzzle, and spending time with my husband, our four grown children and our first grandchild. What is most rewarding for me is being involved in the process of helping people improve their health and well being by taking control of their own health.
I have recently joined the team at Holistic Solutions as of April 2011. I enjoy working in a holistic environment, where I can experience and learn a natural approach toward healthcare. So far, it has been a great working and learning experience. I look forward to being involved in helping others and seeing them restore their health naturally.
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​Rob Palaski
Licensed Massage Therapist
Rob Palaski is a 2002 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  He is Board Certified nationally for Therapeutic massage and bodywork as well as licensed in the state of Connecticut.

Each massage is a unique and personal experience determined by an open discussion of your individual needs of the day.  Your personal massage may combine the slow deep work of connective tissue therapy, acupressure, muscular therapy on the trigger point "knots" found in muscles, stretches, energy work, deep tissue therapy and sports therapy.

Whether you suffer from overstretched muscles, chronic pain or simply desire to shed accumulated stress, massage therapy can be an essential part of your wellness plan and healthy lifestyle of connected body, mind, and spirit.