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listen and explain things you 

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"My overall health was fair prior to going to Holistic Solutions. I was 4 years out from my stem cell transplant for Leukemia and was still dealing with many of the side effects that the lifesaving treatments and medicines had caused. I was 30 lbs. over weight, diabetic and chemically dependent, both physically and psychologically. I have been on the program with Dr. Piccoli now for 5 months and have been amazed at the results. I've shed the 30 lbs. and been able to come off nearly all my medications including Cymbalta, Synthroid, Metformin, Prednisone and insulin. I am no longer diabetic or considered to have Hyperthyroidism, which was confirmed by my blood test last week at Dana Farber. This was surprising to my endocrinologist and oncologist as hyperthyroidism is considered incurable. (Note: My case is unique because I had not been diabetic or had thyroid issues prior to my Leukemia, and they were likely the results of my treatments and meds.) Overall, I feel great. I look and feel like my old self again. My energy is much improved and I'm starting to feel a sense of well-being that I haven't felt in years. I'd very highly recommend Holistic Solutions, and have been thanked by those I've referred."

-T.D., Berlin, CT

"I was dependent on Sudafed for my sinus headaches, as well as stool softeners and laxatives for constipation. I also had difficulty managing my diabetes, cholesterol and difficulty sleeping. Recently, a blood test indicated the possibility of a kidney stone. Now, my headaches are totally gone without the use of medications. I no longer need stool softeners or laxatives. My blood sugar levels have tested within the normal range for the past 6 months. My HDL and LDL levels have improved. I now have a risk factor of 1/2 average. Again, all of this has been done without prescription drugs. I now sleep much better at night and was able to dissolve and pass my kidney stone without discomfort."

-M.C., Kensington

"My PCP is thrilled, cholesterol down 40 points and I am no longer diabetic."

-M.C., Kensington
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