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From Dr. Piccoli....
"In mid July, during a wrestling practice, I suffered some neck trauma that led to a significant (>50%) loss of strength and endurance in my left triceps. After two months of rest, the loss of strength and endurance only increased due to atrophy. At this point I came to Dr. Piccoli to see if he could adjust the neck and hopefully get back the left arm strength. It was then that I learned about his new endeavors into nutritional response testing. After several adjustments and no real progress with the left side strength, I felt it prudent to take actions to minimize any other aging effects as the many activities that lead to my vitality were eliminated or at least squelched due to the injury. At this point in time I had a lot of anxiety about my ability to participate in these activities and was succumbing to the notion that a significant change in lifestyle was eminent to preserve my body. Consequently, in late November, I started working with Dr. Piccoli's nutrition response testing program. It is now mid January and there have been remarkable results. After finding some level of various toxins in my body (in several places including my neck and left arm). Dr. Piccoli found a combination of homeopathic supplements to detoxify me of these. I now have regained most of my old active lifestyle. While there have been other positive effects (higher energy levels, reduced necessity for thyroid hormones and others), the biggest benefit to me is the replacement of anxiety and depression with vitality as I returned to activities that I love."

-M.M., Kensington

"I first found out about chiropractic from friends who were helped by chiropractic adjustments.  I came to see Dr. Piccoli for lower back pain.  During the consultation, I also told the doctor about my dizzy spells.  I had been diagnosed as having Meniere's disease 34 years ago by my family doctor and also by an ear, nose and throat specialist.  For the last 34 years, I have had six to eight week periods in which I could not bend my head from side to side or forward without getting dizzy and falling over.  During those times, I couldn't drive a car and had to stay in bed for days at a time until the dizziness passed.  If I wanted to move about the house, I had to crawl from room to room.  When the dizziness first came on, I would feel it in both ears.  After lying down for a couple of days, it would move into just the right ear at which time I could move about as long as I didn't tilt my head.  Usually it took about six to eight weeks to overcome this, then it would come back within a few months time.  I have had an MRI, which was negative, and have been prescribed Phenegren, which was too strong for me to take.  I have been taking Dramamine for the past 34 years, but that didn't help.  I had a hopeless, horrible feeling from all this.  After I was examined and x-rayed by Dr. Piccoli, he began to work with my neck as well as my lower back.  Within one week, the dizziness had cleared, and I have been fine ever since.  I am no longer taking any medications, and I see the doctor only for maintenance visits.  I have recommended chiropractic care to friends.  One friend had whiplash injury years ago, and the doctors didn't know what was going on with her either.  I hope she follows through with my recommendation to seek chiropractic care."

-M.W., New Britain

“Before coming I had chronic neck pain that often lead to frequent headaches. The headaches would cause me to change my daily plans due to the pain. After receiving treatments my neck pain and headaches are less often and I can go about my daily plans without worrying about pain. My visits to the office are only as needed.”

-D.M., Southington

"I had been suffering with constant lower back and neck pain. The discomfort was impacting my daily life—exercise was difficult, work was a daily challenge. I couldn’t sit too long or stand too long. I took a chance on chiropractic care due to success reported by friends who had sought such care. My quality of life is much improved. I have greater mobility and relief. Although I need to manage my issues with regular adjustments my symptoms rarely, if ever, interfere with my daily life. I look forward to my adjustments."

-S.T., Kensington

"Chronic neck pain and migraines were an accepted part of my adult life. Medical doctors prescribed medication for pain and inflammation, which did work temporarily but wreaked havoc with my stomach. A friend recommended chiropractic and since this pain was disrupting my quality of life for so many years, I called as a last resort. Once I became a patient and received regular adjustments my symptoms were alleviated. The actual cause of my problems: an unbalanced cervical spine causing a head tilt, which were relieved through gentle cervical adjustments. The “cause” was removed and symptoms disappeared! How great is that? It is great enough to let me be free of severe neck pain and migraines."

-D.M., Middletown

"My neck pain was so bad, I had to have surgery to relieve the pain of a pinched nerve. Now I come here and the pain is gone. When I have pain, I know who to call....I thank you for my well being. Now I live a good life."

-W.C., Berlin

"Pain and discomfort in my neck and lower back which originated in my mid/lower back area brought me into the office. Treatments improve comfort and mobility."

-J.G., Plainville
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