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From Dr. Piccoli....
"I had a chronic cough for the past ten years, 24/7, caused by drainage into the back of my throat. I had stools alternating from soft to watery since 1984 (colitis), neuropathy in my feet since 2009 causing walking and standing to be extremely difficult due to the pain, interrupted sleep due to frequent urination and would take Tylenol PM to sleep, chronic acid reflux and indigestion (burping), extremely dry skin all over especially on my face caused by shingles in 1998 and joint pain. Now my cough is completely gone. The program showed I was intolerant to soy, wheat, gluten and oats - I eliminated these from my diet and no more cough. My bowel movements are normal after almost 30 years. My neuropathy in my feet is gone - I can walk and even run now without incident of pain. My acid reflux and burping is completely gone. My extremely dry skin is much improved and I no longer itch. My joint pain is resolved as well. By taking my supplements and avoiding the foods I needed to, I am an entirely different person. I have my health back and it makes me very happy. Thank you Dr. Piccoli and the NRT program."

                 -D.K., New Britain

"I could not sleep at night. I had such bad knee pain that I had trouble going up and down the stairs. Now, I can sleep a little bit better and the knee pain felt from going up and down the stairs is almost gone."

-J.G., Meriden

"I was always tired and I wasn't sleeping well. I had headaches almost every day. My body felt logey just about every day. Now, I am not tired during the day and sleeping better. The headaches have gone away and the logey feeling is almost completely gone."

-M.G., Meriden

"I like to call it "mom-syndrome"... taking care of everyone else, but myself. Tired all the time, weight gain, stomach bloating and mind always racing. Always thinking about the many things I had to do. Things have improved greatly, I feel better, my mind is clearer and I get better rest. With diet and exercise I no longer struggle with weight and I now know what foods are right for me. I know what to avoid and I sleep much better now. When I have any ailment at all I come in and get checked. It is great not taking medicine and correcting my body naturally."

-D.R., Kensington

"I was dependent on Sudafed (for my sinus headaches), stool softeners and laxatives for constipation. I had difficulty managing my diabetes and cholesterol. I also had difficulty sleeping. Recently a blood test indicated the possibility of a kidney stone. Now my headaches are totally gone without the use of medications. I no longer need stool softeners or laxatives. My blood sugar levels have tested within the normal range for the past 6 months. My HDL and LDL levels continue to improve, I now have a risk factor of 1/2 average. Again, all of this has been done without prescription drugs. I sleep much better at night and I was able to dissolve and pass my kidney stone without discomfort."

-M.C., Kensington

“I was tired, had no appetite, couldn’t sleep, had stomach aches after meals and could not gain weight. Now I feel great! I sleep better, I am always hungry (which is a plus for me) and have no stomach aches.”

-J.R., Kensington

"I was always tired, constantly sneezing, coughing and plagued by food allergy symptoms.  Now, my allergy symptoms have greatly decreased.  I used to be glued to a tissue box but now I hardly need them.  I also sleep better through the night and feel more rested."

-C.G., Meriden

“After my car accident, I began to experience back pain, neck pain and severe headaches which had never occurred in the past. I wasn’t sleeping well, it was painful to get out of bed in the morning and I had an uncomfortable feeling all day. My sister recommended Dr. Piccoli. I immediately called the office and scheduled an appointment. After chiropractic treatment I was back to myself and better. I didn’t have any neck pain, my headaches disappeared, I was sleeping much better and I could jump out of bed in the morning without any pain! Thank you Dr. P!”

-A.R., Plainville

"I was feeling sluggish and found it very difficult to shed an ounce.  By sluggish I mean physically and mentally, somewhat lacking in concentration.  My teeth/gums were very sensitive and carpal tunnel symptoms were bothersome.  I also woke up frequently and sometimes could not fall back to sleep easily - I averaged about 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  After 6 weeks I'm more energized and lost approximately 5 pounds.  I'm able to concentrate while reading, conversing and playing games.  Mouth sensitivity is much better and I forget I'm supposed to have a "severe" case of carpal tunnel.  My sleep is more restful and I get an average of 7 hours a night.  Mentally I'm more even tempered."

-T.D., New Britain.

"For a number of years I have dealt with digestive issues and more recently trouble going back to sleep upon waking in the night. Low energy was also a problem. Now, my energy level and sleep issues are resolved! I still have some issues around my monthly cycle that we are working on, but my overall digestion problems have greatly improved!" 
- K.W., Southington

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