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From Dr. Piccoli....
"One of the reasons I started the Nutrition Response Testing Program was because of the chronic stomach pain I was experiencing. I had a lot of acid reflux, bloating and abdominal pain. Many nights I would wake up with stomach pain that would not go away; as a result I was constantly tired and irritable. Since being on the NRT program I have noticed a significant change with how my body is able to digest food. The program also identified wheat and gluten intolerance so by avoiding them I no longer have acid reflux, bloating or abdominal pain. I also noticed I have more energy and my overall mood has improved because I am sleeping better at night."

-J.M., South Windsor

"I had a chronic cough for the past ten years, 24/7, caused by drainage into the back of my throat.  I had stools alternating from soft to watery since 1984 (colitis), neuropathy in my feet since 2009 causing walking and standing to be extremely difficult due to the pain, interrupted sleep due to frequent urination and would take Tylenol PM to sleep, chronic acid reflux and indigestion (burping), extremely dry skin all over especially on my face caused by shingles in 1998 and joint pain.  Now my cough is completely gone.  The program showed I was intolerant to soy, wheat, gluten and oats - I eliminated these from my diet and no more cough.  My bowel movements are normal after almost 30 years.  My neuropathy in my feet is gone - I can walk and even run now without incident of pain.  My acid reflux and burping is completely gone.  My extremely dry skin is much improved and I no longer itch.  My joint pain is resolved as well.  By taking my supplements and avoiding the foods I needed to, I am an entirely different person.  I have my health back and it makes me very happy.  Thank you Dr. Piccoli and the NRT program."

D.K., New Britain
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