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"The major issue was Bell's Palsy which after 3 years still affected the right side of my face. My eyelid would not stay fully open and would close when chewing. I also experienced very regular headaches usually arriving between 3 and 4 am. I was tired by mid afternoon and in need of a nap. This affected my thinking and focus. I ate sweets and drank coke daily, which felt like an addiction. I would also wake up during the night with leg/toe cramps. Now it has been a great improvement! Headaches are rare and sweet cravings less intense. I gave up coke. Wow I can live without it and don't miss it! No longer have a need for daytime naps- feeling awake all day. I feel alert, focused and energized. Toe cramps are rare. An incredible improvement with the Bell's Palsy- I saw and felt an immediate change. Paralysis eased up, eyelid stays open- even while chewing. Mouth now turns upward in a smile. Three years living with Bell's Palsy with little improvement and then rapid improvement in days."

-P.R., New Britain
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