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 "I first found out about chiropractic from friends who were helped by chiropractic adjustments. I came to see Dr. Piccoli for lower back pain. During the consultation, I also told the doctor about my dizzy spells. I had been diagnosed as having Meniere's disease 34 years ago by my family doctor and also by an ear, nose and throat specialist. For the last 34 years, I have had six to eight week periods in which I could not bend my head from side to side or forward without getting dizzy and falling over. During those times, I couldn't drive a car and had to stay in bed for days at a time until the dizziness passed. If I wanted to move about the house, I had to crawl from room to room. When the dizziness first came on, I would feel it in both ears. After lying down for a couple of days, it would move into just the right ear being capable of moving as long as I didn't tilt my head. Usually it took about six to eight weeks to overcome this, then it would come back within a few months time. I had an MRI, which was negative, and have been prescribed Phenegren, which was too strong for me to take. I have been taking Dramamine for the past 34 years, but that didn't help. I had a hopeless, horrible feeling from all this. After I was examined and x-rayed by Dr. Piccoli, he began to work with my neck as well as my lower back. Within one week, the dizziness had cleared, and I have been fine ever since. I am no longer taking any medications, and I see the doctor only for maintenance visits. I have recommended chiropractic care to friends. One friend had a whiplash injury years ago, and the doctors don't know what is going on with her either. I hope she follows through with my recommendation to seek chiropractic care."

-M.W., New Britain

"I had an industrial accident in 1977 and broke several ribs, my right collar bone, four bones in my left foot and had torn knee ligaments in my left knee.  I lost numerous weeks of work due to debilitating pain in my lower back and right leg.  The last period of disability was six months in duration.  I was treated by one orthopedic surgeon, three neurosurgeons and one physical therapist - with no results.  I had undergone two CAT scans, one MRI, a bone scan, X-rays and a myelogram.  The collective results were:  "Yes, we know something is there, but we don't know what it is."  I only wish I had known of chiropractic prior to my 1981 lamenectomy and subsequent disability periods!  After the second week of chiropractic treatment, my right leg pain was gone, and the low back pain was diminishing rapidly.  I believe it was after just about three weeks of treatment that I was back to work."

-R.C., New Britain

"Chronic neck pain and migraines were an accepted part of my adult life. Medical doctors prescribed medication for pain and inflammation which did work temporarily but wreaked havoc with my stomach.  A friend recommended chiropractic and since this pain was disrupting my quality of life for so many years, I called as a last resort.  Once I became a patient and received regular adjustments my symptoms were alleviated.  The actual cause of my problems, an unbalanced cervical spine causing a head tilt, were relieved through gentle cervical adjustments.  The "cause" removed and symptoms disappeared!  How great is that?  Great enough to let me be free of severe neck pain and migraines."

-D.M., Middletown

"I had pains in my lower back, left shoulder and in the left side of the rib area. Now, it is much better.  I still have isolated issues but am feeling much better."

-M.W., Kensington

“I had headaches all the time. Definitely had an issue with my balance, with walking and running. Now I have very few headaches through chiropractic adjustments. Also with maintaining my adjustments my balance is not an issue any longer.”

-J.P., East Berlin

“Before coming into the office I had chronic neck pain that often lead to frequent headaches. The headaches would cause me to change my daily plans due to the pain. After receiving treatments, my neck pain and headaches are less frequent and I can go about my daily plans without worrying about pain. My visits to the office are only as needed.”

D.M., Southington

"I came here to maintain my upper and mid back pain through weekly adjustments. Dr. Piccoli has been great with keeping my back in good shape. I have had no major issues since I have started to come here for these weekly visits. I feel good now!"

-J.L., Berlin

"I had been suffering with constant lower back and neck pain. The discomfort was impacting my daily life—exercise was difficult and work was a daily challenge. I couldn’t sit or stand too long. I took a chance on chiropractic care due to success reported by friends who sought such care. My quality of life is much improved. I have greater mobility and relief. Although I need to manage my issues with regular adjustments my symptoms rarely, if ever, interfere with my daily life. I look forward to my adjustments."

-S.T., Kensington

“Well, I had pain running down my left leg, weakness in the knee and ankle and problems sitting. Now, I don’t have any weakness in the knee and ankle. My back is great  and I have no problems sitting.  But I have to watch what I do and what position I do it in. Chiropractic care has kept me from getting surgery which was recommended.”

-E.W., East Berlin

“Before coming in I had trouble getting out of my chair or car seat. My first few steps were extremely painful. Now, I feel much better. I have no pain standing from a seated position or walking.”

-J.C., East Hampton

“After my car accident, I began to experience back pain, neck pain and severe headaches which never occurred in the past. I wasn’t sleeping well, it was painful to get out bed in the morning, and I had an uncomfortable feeling all day. My sister recommended Dr. Piccoli. I immediately called the office and scheduled an appointment. After chiropractic treatment I am back to myself and better. I don’t have any neck pain, my headaches have disappeared, I am sleeping much better and I can jump out of bed in the morning without any pain! Thank you Dr. P!”

-A.R., Plainville

"My neck pain was so bad, I had to have surgery to relieve the pain of a pinched nerve.  Now, that I've come here, the pain is gone.  When I have pain, I know who to call....I thank you for my well being.  Now I live a good life."

-W.C., Berlin

"Pain and discomfort in my neck and lower back originated in my mid/lower back area bringing me into Dr. Piccoli's office.  Treatment I am receiving improves my comfort and mobility."

-J.G., Plainville

"I sustained a sciatic injury while shoveling.  It caused severe pain to run up and down my right leg to the point that I could barely walk.  Pain ensued while sitting and sleeping.  The pain subsided after adjustments and without any side affects and able to fully return to a full exercise program."

-D.C., Meriden

"I had low back pain and I could not stand up.  The pain was very bad in my legs and hips.  Now I feel so much better, I can bend over with no trouble and I have no pain in my back or legs.  Even my hip feels better."

-P.O., New Britain

"I had severe neck pain making it difficult to look up and move it from side to side.  Now I only have to go in for maintenance.  The neck pain is still a little stiff now and then, but nothing like before -Thank You!"

-J.C., Kensington

"I was in pain everyday.  I was experiencing pain in my neck, as well as, up and down my back.  The pain was so bad that I also had headaches.  This was all due to a car accident I was in where I was rear ended.  Now, I do not have headaches anymore.  The pain in my back and neck has subsided.  I believe with the chiropractic services I received, it had made a great improvement in the way I feel each day.  I am now only seeing the doctor every 3 months.  I have more energy! Thank you so much.  I could not have done it without you."

-L.K., Kensington

"I was constantly dealing with lower back, neck and shoulder pain.  The gun belt that I wear as a police officer, which weighs between 20-25 pounds, does eventually take its toll on your back.  I would sometimes get a numbness down the back of my legs when I was driving.  Now my back still bothers me but I'm more in tune when I need an adjustment.  I've adjusted my posture when I drive and when I'm parked, so that I'm doing what's best for my back.  Since having adjustments I find that I have more energy and sleep better."

-D.M., Kensington

"Before, I would experience low back pain in the mornings which sometimes turned into an all day long pain.  I would lose sleep and experience headaches.  Now, I sleep much better, I have less frequent headaches, have decreased amount of lower back pain and experienced some weight loss."

-D.D., Berlin

"My back would go out on me (usually after racquet ball and basketball) and I would be in severe pain for several days.  Now I rarely have severe back pain.  When it goes out, which is not very often, the severity of the pain has significantly decreased and the duration of the pain is shorter."

-D.K., Newington

​"I was unable to bend over and touch the floor.  I had constant back discomfort.  After my first visit, I was able to bend over and touch the floor.  Regular adjustments keep constant discomfort from being unbearable.  Thanks Dr. P!!"

-L.B., Meriden

"My shoulders were giving me problems.  I had muscle soreness and tightness due to my job which involves a lot of lifting.  Now I see Dr. Piccoli weekly and this helps keep me symptom free.  My shoulder muscles are looser and pain free, which makes me a happier person."

-L.E., New Britain

"I could not walk straight and I had so much pain in my back. I could not sit still. Now, I don't have the pain in my back anymore. I can walk longer without any pain. I have not felt this good in a very long time!" 

-Y.D., Southington

"I used to feel sleepy throughout entire day. Always have headaches - my eyes would get red and blurry, blood pressure was high and sleep irregular. I also had lower back pain, and the back of my neck had a burning sensation. I was also snoring, had sugar cravings and experiencing weight gain. I easily forgot things, my ankles and wrists were swollen and I was very, very stressed out. My family was getting worried about me and my husband felt sorry for me. Now, I am much more alert! I now sleep during the night. I have no more headaches. Now I manage to think clearer too. No more burning sensation in my neck. My snoring has subsided. No more sugar and salt in my diet. My ankles and wrists look normal. My energy level is amazing and I am very much wide awake during the day. Most of all my blood pressure is under control and my whole body feels fresh and free. Thank you to everyone in this office! I am getting myself back! I'm now focusing on my exercise program."

S.M., Hartford
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