"I had an industrial accident in 1977 and broke several ribs, my right collar bone, four bones in my left foot and had torn knee ligaments in my left knee.  I lost numerous weeks of work due to debilitating pain in my lower back and right leg.  The last period of disability was six months in duration.  I was treated by one orthopedic surgeon, three neurosurgeons and one physical therapist - with no results.  I had undergone two CAT scans, one MRI, a bone scan, X-rays and a myelogram.  The collective results were:  "Yes, we know something is there, but we don't know what it is."  I only wish I had known of chiropractic prior to my 1981 lamenectomy and subsequent disability periods!  After the second week of chiropractic treatment, my right leg pain was gone, and the low back pain was diminishing rapidly.  I believe it was after just about three weeks of treatment that I was back to work."

-R.C., New Britain

From Dr. Piccoli....
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