From Dr. Piccoli....
"Before I came in I was frequently sick.  I also had very poor digestion and had trouble losing weight.  I lacked energy as well.  Just before I started, I began having problems with my skin and rashes.  I have lost about 16 pounds in the past 2 months.  I have more energy and my digestion is more regular.  I have noticed that I have fewer colds and have barely been sick in the past couple of months.  I have more energy and am definitely feeling a lot better.  My skin is clearer but I still get rashes sometimes but it is less severe than when I first started."

-A.R., Vernon

"I had migraines 3 to 4 days per week.  My rheumatologist told me that being gassy was part of my fibromyalgia.  It was getting worse.  I am a slow starter in the morning accompanied by stiffness, nausea, and have suffered with a sleep disorder for years.  After more than 30 years, I no longer have migraines.  Gassy periods have decreased significantly (1 to 2 times/week).  I now sleep soundly and wake up ready to start the day with no morning nausea.  My overall energy level is back to when I was in my 30's.  I still have a way to go but where I am now is great!!!  Thank you!!!"

-V.W., New Britain

"I have always had an invisible aerobic wall at a max intensity training or racing (bicycles).  I had also reached a ceiling with fitness level, polar own index max of 45-that was 10 years ago.  Now, after being on the Nutrition Response Testing program, the invisible wall is now gone and I have reached a polar own index of 51 and training has improved.  Also by adjusting my diet I have lost 15 lbs."

R.D., New Britain

"I was exhausted and wanted to eat sugar and sweets all the time. There were times when I could not remember things I wanted to do. The holidays were the worst time for me, I just wanted them to be over. I did not want to go out, I just wanted to stay home. Now I can relax, enjoy the holidays and going out. I do not feel exhausted all the time. I can do more after working all day and I lost weight."

-L.E., New Britain

"Before I came to Holistic Solutions, I was taking "over the counter" supplements.  I was always tired and if I wasn't sick I always felt like I was coming down with something.  It often took a long time, sometimes weeks, to feel as if I wanted to go anywhere.  I presently have more energy than I have had in a long time.  I am beginning to lose some weight, which also makes me feel good.  I was one who never really thought taking supplements and avoiding certain foods, would make much of a difference in how I would feel, but it is working.  I thank you very much."

-L.P., Southington

"I was overweight, had nails that kept breaking and had high cholesterol.  I was eating a lot of sugar-based items.  After doing the Nutrition Response Testing Program, I lost 20 lbs and leveled my LDL and HDL cholesterol levels."

-L.B., Meriden

"Before I started the Nutrition Response Testing process, every time I ate I would feel pain in my lower stomach area and experience bloating that was very painful.  I also had joint pain in my hips and knees and would experience headaches frequently.  Since I have been in the program my stomach pain is gone.  I no longer bloat after I eat and have, as a result, lost almost 15 pounds.  The joint pain in my hips and knees are gone and the headaches are less frequent."

-A.R., Meriden

"Bloating was my worst symptom. I never knew how I would feel the next day. I was always tired after work. This made me very stressed. My attitude would change to very cranky. Now I don't feel bloated. I am very energetic and my stress levels have decreased. I actually feel really good! I get home after work and keep going. I have a 4 year old, which I can now run around with more, without being exhausted. My husband even sees the difference in me!"

-I.D., Cromwell

"I was at my highest weight ever and feeling sluggish, tired and miserable.  No energy to do anything!  My ankles were always swollen at the end of the day.  I was always snacking, even after meals.  After, about 5 days on a changed diet, the first change was that my skin felt different.  I kept touching my face.  The bloating was going away.  After almost 3 months, I've lost about 30 pounds and my ankles are normal again.  Most of the aches and pains I used to experience especially when getting up after sitting awhile are gone!  I dont' have urges to snack anymore.  I am definitely more satisfied and less hungry."

-N.N., New Britain

In mid July, during a wrestling practice, I suffered some neck trauma that led to a significant (>50%) loss of strength and endurance in my left triceps. After two months of rest, the loss of strength and endurance only increased due to atrophy. At this point I came to Dr. Piccoli to see if he could adjust the neck and hopefully get back the left arm strength. It was then that I learned about his new endeavors into nutritional response testing. After several adjustments and no real progress with the left side strength, I felt it prudent to take actions to minimize any other aging effects as the many activities that lead to my vitality were eliminated or at least squelched due to the injury. At this point in time I had a lot of anxiety about my ability to participate in these activities and was succumbing to the notion that a significant change in lifestyle was eminent to preserve my body. Consequently, in late November, I started working with Dr. Piccoli's nutrition response testing program. It is now mid January and there have been remarkable results. After finding some level of various toxins in my body (in several places including my neck and left arm). Dr. Piccoli found a combination of homeopathic supplements to detoxify me of these. I now have regained most of my old active lifestyle. While there have been other positive effects (higher energy levels, reduced necessity for thyroid hormones and others), the biggest benefit to me is the replacement of anxiety and depression with vitality as I returned to activities that I love."

-M.M., Kensington

"I was feeling hungry between meals and my weight kept increasing.  I would start to feel "shaky" before lunch and dinner.  I would feel tired everyday around 3 pm and had to have caffeine to give myself a mid-day energy boost.  Now I feel great!  During the day I'm not feeling hungry, my weight has decreased by 8 lbs. in 20 days!!  I have energy through the day, without feeling tired and I no longer get that "shaky" feeling before meals.  I am so pleased with the improvements and I highly recommend this Nutrition Response Testing to all of my family and friends.  They have all noticed any improvement in my overall health!  Thanks Dr. Don!!"

-D.M., Kensington

"I was feeling sluggish and found it very difficult to shed an ounce. By sluggish I mean physically and mentally, somewhat lacking in concentration. My teeth/gums were very sensitive. Carpal tunnel symptoms were bothersome. I also woke up frequently and sometimes could not fall back to sleep easily - I averaged about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. After 6 weeks I'm more energized and lost approximately 5 pounds. I'm able to concentrate while reading, conversing and playing games. Mouth sensitivity is much better and I forget I'm supposed to have a "severe" case of carpal tunnel. My sleep is more restful and I get an average of 7 hours a night. Mentally I'm more even tempered."

-T.D., New Britain

"When I came to see Dr. Piccoli, I was overweight, couldn't lose it and in fact kept slowly gaining. I was exhausted all of the time, frequently got cold sores on my mouth, had thinning, lack luster hair, brittle nails that constantly split. I generally had a feeling of low grade lousy. Half way through the program, I feel great! I have lost 19 lbs. and it mostly seemed effortless. I haven't had cold sores since I began the program, my nails are strong and lustrous, and my hair seems thicker and is shiny. I have great energy and generally feel happy and excited about life! Also, my taste buds have changed. I taste subtle flavors in food that went previously unnoticed."

 - L.M., Clinton

"For a number of years I have dealt with digestive issues and more recently trouble going back to sleep upon waking in the night. Low energy was also a problem. Now, my energy level and sleep issues are resolved! I still have some issues around my monthly cycle that we are working on, but my overall digestion problems have greatly improved!" 

- K.W., Southington

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