From Dr. Piccoli....
"Prior to beginning the Nutrition Response Testing program, I suffered bilateral knee pain which radiated to my ankles and hips and only worsened upon physical exertion. The pain had reached such a high intensity, that for a couple of weeks I was unable to walk. As a then 21 year old, I spent 3 months in physical therapy after an orthopedist diagnosed chondromalacia ("runner's knee"...cartilage inflammation under knee cap). I did get some short lived pain relief, but it again reached the point where just walking around campus brought on extreme knee/joint pain. No longer wanting to consume Advil like it was candy, I set up a Nutrition Response Testing appointment. Within a couple of weeks of being on the program I was able to have my first pain free workout in over a year! Nutrition Response Testing has increased my energy levels and stamina allowing my body to quickly recover from a workout, have pain free joints, be rid of chronic afternoon headaches and enjoy a restful night's sleep."​
-K.M., Middletown

"When I first came to Dr. Piccoli at Holistic Solutions, I was a mess. I had symptoms such as chronic splitting headaches, skin rashes, gum and teeth pain, constipation, prostate problems, knee and back pain, and low energy especially early morning and afternoon. After several weeks into the program, I have had very few headaches, less skin rashes, less teeth pain. My energy level continues to improve in the morning and it is gradually improving in the afternoon. My prostate symptoms are much better. My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Holistic Solutions to anyone who has health issues."

-C.P., New Britain

"I could not sleep at night.  I had bad knee pain where it was at the point that I had trouble going up and down the stairs.  Now, I can sleep a little bit better and the knee pain is almost gone when I go up and down the stairs."

-J.G., Meriden

"Before I started the Nutrition Response Testing process, every time I ate I would feel pain in my lower stomach area and experience bloating that was very painful.  I also had joint pain in my hips and knees and would experience frequent headaches .  Since I have been in the program my stomach pain is gone.  I no longer bloat after I eat and have, as a result, lost almost 15 pounds.  The joint pain in my hips and knees are gone and the headaches are less frequent."

-A.R., Meriden

“Well, I had pain running down my left leg, weakness in the knee and ankle and problems sitting. Now, I don’t have any weakness in the knee and ankle. My back is great. But I have to watch what I do and what position I do it. No problems sitting. Chiropractic care has kept me from setting surgery which was recommended.”

-E.W., East Berlin
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