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"I had migraines 3 to 4 days per week. My rheumatologist told me that being gassy was part of my fibromyalgia. It was getting worse. I am a slow started in the morning accompanied by stiffness, nausea, and have suffered with a sleep disorder for years. After more than 30 years I no longer have migraines. Gassy periods have decreased significantly, (1 to 2 times/week). I now sleep soundly and wake up ready to start the day with no morning nausea. My overall energy level is back to when I was in my 30's. I still have a way to go but where I am now is great!!! Thank you!!!"

-V.W., New Britain

"Chronic neck pain and migraines were an accepted part of my adult life.  Medical doctors prescribed medication for pain and inflammation, which did work temporarily, but wrecked havoc with my stomach. A friend recommended chiropractic and since this pain was disrupting my quality of life for so many years, I called as a last resort. Once I became a patient and received regular adjustments my symptoms were alleviated. The actual cause of my problems, an unbalanced cervical spine causing a head tilt, were relieved through gentle cervical adjustments. The "cause" was removed and symptoms disappeared! How great is that? Great enough to let me be free of severe neck pain and migraines."

-D.M., Middletown
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