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From Dr. Piccoli....
"When I first came to Dr. Piccoli at Holistic Solutions, I was a mess.  I had symptoms such as chronic splitting headaches, skin rashes, gum and teeth pain, constipation, prostate problems, knee and back pain, and low energy, especially early morning and afternoon.  After several weeks into the program, I have had very few headaches, less skin rashes and less teeth pain.  My energy level continues to improve in the morning and it is gradually improving in the afternoon.  My prostate symptoms are much better.  My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Holistic Solutions to anyone who has health issues."

-C.P., New Britain

"I was feeling sluggish and found it very difficult to shed an ounce.  By sluggish I mean physically and mentally, somewhat lacking in concentration.  My teeth/gums were very sensitive.  Carpal tunnel symptoms were bothersome.  I also woke up frequently and sometimes could not fall back to sleep easily - I averaged about 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  After 6 weeks I'm more energized and lost approximately 5 pounds.  I'm able to concentrate while reading, conversing and playing games.  Mouth sensitivity is much better and I forget I'm supposed to have a "severe" case of carpal tunnel.  My sleep is more restful and I get an average of 7 hours a night.  Mentally I'm more even tempered."

-T.D., New Britain
"If you are sick, in pain or

suffering, we are here to help 

you! Our goal is to always 

listen and explain things you 

don't understand. We are 

here to make you feel like 

yourself again. Don't wait 

any longer, please call us, we 

are here for you!"
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