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From Dr. Piccoli....
"My skin was always feeling itchy, therefore I could not wear necklaces because I would get a rash.  When I came to the office I had a terrible rash on my neck and chest.  I also had night sweats, nails were weak, my bowel movements were irregular and I had trouble losing weight.  Now, I don't have a rash and my skin feels great.  My nails are getting stronger, no more night sweats and I have lost 10lbs.  This has been great.  I found out what foods were causing a problem with my system.  I take fewer supplements than I once did and I am feeling so much better.  The rash was the main reason I came to the office."

-P.D., Canton

"Before I came in I was frequently sick. I also had very poor digestion and had trouble losing weight. I lacked energy as well. Just before I started I began having problems with my skin and rashes. I have lost about 16 pounds in the past 2 months. I have more energy and my digestion is more regular. I have noticed that I have fewer colds and have barely been sick in the past couple of months. I have more energy and am definitely feeling a lot better. My skin is clearer but I still get rashes sometimes but it is less severe than when I first started."

-A.R., Vernon

"I had a chronic cough for the past ten year, 24/7, caused by drainage into the back of my throat. I had stools alternating from soft to watery since 1984 (colitis), neuropathy in my feet since 2009 causing walking and standing to be extremely difficult due to the pain, interrupted sleep due to frequent urination and would take Tylenol PM to sleep, chronic acid reflux and indigestion (burping), extremely dry skin all over especially on my face caused by shingles in 1998 and joint pain. Now my cough is completely gone. The program showed I was intolerant to soy, wheat, gluten and oats - I eliminated these from my diet and no more cough. My bowel movements are normal after almost 30 years. My neuropathy in my feet is gone - I can walk and even run now without incident of pain. My acid reflux and burping is completely gone. My extremely dry skin is much improved and I no longer itch. My joint pain is resolved as well. By taking my supplements and avoiding the foods I needed to, I am an entirely different person. I have my health back and it makes me very happy. Thank you Dr. Piccoli and the NRT program."

D.K., New Britain

"When I first came to Dr. Piccoli at Holistic Solutions, I was a mess. I had symptoms such as chronic splitting headaches, skin rashes, gum and teeth pain, constipation, prostate problems, knee and back pain, and low energy especially early morning and afternoon. After several weeks into the program, I have had very few headaches, less skin rashes and less teeth pain. My energy level continues to improve in the morning and it is gradually improving in the afternoon. My prostate symptoms are much better. My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Holistic Solutions to anyone who has health issues."

-C.P., New Britain

"I was at my highest weight ever and feeling sluggish, tired and miserable. No energy to do anything! My ankles were always swollen at the end of the day. I was always snacking even after meals. After about 5 days on a changed diet, the first change was that my skin felt different. I kept touching my face. The bloating was going away. Now after almost 3 months, I've lost about 30 pounds and my ankles are normal again. Most of the aches and pains I used to experience especially when getting up after sitting awhile are gone! I dont' have urges to snack anymore. I am definitely more satisfied and less hungry."

-N.N., New Britain

"I was mainly concerned about the hoarseness in my voice.  What was the reason for the growth of a new cyst on my vocal chord, especially when a cyst was already surgically removed only 3 months earlier?  Could I be allergic to something or was something foreign lurking in my system?  The crooks of my arms were blotchy and itchy and an area below my clavicle was also bumpy and itchy.  So I came in for an evaluation.  I followed the nutritional plan given to me, along with taking the recommended supplements...now  I feel absolutely super, wonderfully perfect and extremely energetic!  The itching disappeared from where it started.  The quality of my voice has also somewhat improved."

-G.D., Waterbury

"I did not feel "well" - lots of vague complaints that add up to a cumulative overall feeling of "unwellness." I had stomach bloating, gas, uncomfortable feeling after eating even small meal, chronic headaches, felt stressed, skin reactive and ankle swelling. I have been on the program for one month, after giving up sugar, grains and adjusting my supplements I now feel 100 percent better. I miss my fruit, but I never will go back eating that much.  I thought I could never give up grains, it is a challenge but because I feel so much better it is my best interest to keep them out of my diet."

-D.M., Manchester

"My entire body broke out in a skin rash; most severe in genital and anal areas, and began to spread to arms, armpits, torso and legs. Digestive system was so dysfunctional that even after taking two Prilosec pills I would be forced to sleep in the upright position. I was 195 lbs. and I stand only at 5'7". My skin rash is 99.9 percent cleared up. From the very first day of changing diet indigestion is completely gone. I have not had a need for digestive aids and sleep without indigestion interruption. I am midway through the purification process and my weight this morning was 169 lbs. That is a loss of 26 lbs. in less than three months. I am loosely fitting into pants 4 sizes smaller." 

- S.D., Clinton

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