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From Dr. Piccoli....
"Bloating was my worst symptom.  I never knew how I would feel the next day.  I was always tired after work which made me very stressed.  My attitude would change to very cranky.  Now, I don't feel bloated.  I am very energetic and my stress levels decreased.  I actually feel really good!  I get home after work and keep going.  I have a 4 year old, which I can now run around with more, without being exhausted.  My husband even sees the difference in me!"

-I.D., Cromwell

"I did not feel "well" - lots of vague complaints that add up to a cumulative overall feeling of "unwellness." I had stomach bloating, gas, uncomfortable feeling after eating even a small meal, chronic headaches, felt stressed, skin reactive and ankle swelling. I have been on the program for one month, after giving up sugar, grains and adjusting my supplements I now feel 100 percent better. I miss my fruit, but I never will go back eating that much. I thought I could never give up grains, it is a challenge but because I feel so much better it is my best interest to keep them out of my diet."

-D.M., Manchester 
"If you are sick, in pain or

suffering, we are here to help 

you! Our goal is to always 

listen and explain things you 

don't understand. We are 

here to make you feel like 

yourself again. Don't wait 

any longer, please call us, we 

are here for you!"
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