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From Dr. Piccoli....
"I was exhausted and wanted to eat sugar and sweets all the time. There were times when I could not remember things I wanted to do. The holidays were the worst time for me, I just wanted them to be over. I did not want to go out, I just wanted to stay home. Now I can relax. I enjoyed the holidays. I enjoy going out. I do not feel exhausted all the time. I can do more after working all day and I lost weight."

-L.E., New Britain

"I had uncontrollable cravings for sweets and little energy.  I presently have more energy and my sugar cravings have significantly decreased.  I am also sleeping better."

-M.N., Manchester

"I was overweight, had nails that kept breaking and had high cholesterol.  I was eating a lot of sugar-based items.  After doing the Nutrition Response Testing Program, I lost 20 lbs. and leveled my cholesterol LDL and HDL levels."

-L.B., Meriden

"I was overweight and had a feeling of being bloated.  I consumed too much soda daily.  I had a heavy feeling inside.  Now, I am feeling much better and have less bloating.  I drink soda two per week, rather than, two per day and sometimes even more than that.  The heavy feeling I was experiencing is now gone."

-M.P., New Britain

"Before I was on the Nutrition Response Testing Program the bottom of my foot hurt and walking was painful.  I went to a podiatrist and said I needed a joint replacement on my second toe.  I sought Dr. Piccoli and the Nutrition Response Testing Program and by taking the recommended supplements and weaning off sugar and carbohydrates, my foot is pain free."

-S.K., Wethersfield

"I was feeling tired and I also had high cholesterol.  I wanted to eat sweets all the time.  Presently after 4 months, I feel much better, have lost 15lbs. and have more energy.  I have returned to activities that I love!  I feel great!"

-L.Z., Plainville

"I was very tired, stressed and had chronic cravings for sweets and felt I was extremely overweight.  Nothing I did worked - I was not sure if it was due to my thyroid, pre menopause, etc. By eliminating wheat from my diet due to the NRT program finding it as an intolerance, I no longer feel as tired in the afternoons. I think that has helped with my overall feeling - I think I have also lost a little weight.  I also don't feel as stressed."

-P.S., Tolland
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