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From Dr. Piccoli....
"Prior to Dr. Don implementing Nutrition Response Testing in his office I sought treatment for symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, heart palpitations, mental exhaustion, body temperature fluctuations, and digestive issues from a naturopath after the medical model of being prescribed synthroid for an "underactive thyroid" sent me into a tailspin. I responded well to the supplements from my naturopath but even after a year and a half there was still a piece missing and that piece I have found out was Nutrition Response Testing. By Dr. Don muscle testing different areas/organs of my body and my own body identifying exactly where the stress or dysfunction as well as the nutritional supplement to support that area...my health has rebounded. It all makes so much sense. What better method of correcting the cause of the problem then to ask the body what it wants. Nutrition response testing has improved my health tremendously. Dr. Don helped me change my eating habits by helping me realize the affects my food choices were having on my overall health...and I always thought I had a healthly diet. My biggest hurdle was realizing processed food and sugar, even though it was a smaller fraction of my diet, is not really "food". With Dr. Don's support and my genuine effort I have a whole different perspective on what a healthy diet consists of. I'll be the first to admit that it didn't happen overnight but as I felt my symptoms fading, and my energy level increasing, that alone convinced me to stick with it because feeling the end result of being symptom free is the best reward...it lets me be the best grandma, mom, wife, sister, friend and person I can be. I'M SO HAPPY TO BE ME THESE DAYS!!"

-D.M., Middletown

"In mid July, during a wrestling practice, I suffered some neck trauma that led to a significant (>50%) loss of strength and endurance in my left triceps. After two months of rest, the loss of strength and endurance only increased due to atrophy. At this point I came to Dr. Piccoli to see if he could adjust the neck and hopefully get back the left arm strength. It was then that I learned about his new endeavors into nutritional response testing. After several adjustments and no real progress with the left side strength, I felt it prudent to take actions to minimize any other aging effects as the many activities that lead to my vitality were eliminated or at least squelched due to the injury. At this point in time I had a lot of anxiety about my ability to participate in these activities and was succumbing to the notion that a significant change in lifestyle was eminent to preserve my body. Consequently, in late November, I started working with Dr. Piccoli's nutrition response testing program. It is now mid January and there have been remarkable results. After finding some level of various toxins in my body (in several places including my neck and left arm). Dr. Piccoli found a combination of homeopathic supplements to detoxify me of these. I now have regained most of my old active lifestyle. While there have been other positive effects (higher energy levels, reduced necessity for thyroid hormones and others), the biggest benefit to me is the replacement of anxiety and depression with vitality as I returned to activities that I love."

-M.M., Kensington
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